The Law Office of Robert Newman offers services across different areas of legal practice. Details about each practice area and the services offered are available below. Visit the contact page to get in touch with Robert about your legal needs.

Family Law

file-jan-16-10-49-59-pmHaving to address issues within a family is difficult on its own. These issues can be even more difficult to deal with in the context of a divorce, child support case, paternity dispute, or child custody case. Facing these situations often takes a toll on a family emotionally and financially.

In order to ease the strain caused by these issues, Robert treats his clients with compassion and provides them with experienced legal advice honed over many years spent in private practice. He is the ally that any person facing a divorce or issue related to a child wants to have on their side.

Civil Litigation

file-jan-16-10-49-33-pmRobert Newman handles a range of legal matters under civil litigation. He has provided representation for personal injury cases, business disputes, matters of ownership or co-ownership and breach of contract for plaintiffs and defendants alike. He is committed to being the lawyer for his clients from the start to the resolution of their case.

Criminal Defense

file-jan-16-10-49-21-pmA criminal conviction can have a lasting impact on a person’s life. That is why it is so important to have the right legal representation when facing a criminal charge. Robert offers a free consultation for any criminal matter. He has experience with infractions up to Three Strikes cases and is committed to understanding the intricacies of an individual client’s case. This also includes having past criminal convictions expunged.

Animal Law

file-jan-16-10-49-47-pmSimilar to family law, legal matters involving animals can also be emotionally taxing. Robert Newman is recognized as an authority on animal law issues and his work in this arena has earned extensive media attention. He has represented clients and argued for both emotional and punitive damages in malpractice lawsuits. His experience in this area of legal practice has also been used to help veterinarians as a private consultant to help them avoid malpractice by assessing their policies and procedures.

Mr. Newman has been interviewed on major television networks, appearing on multiple news programs and by media outlets such as The Los Angeles Times, USA TODAY, The Christian Science Monitor and Newsweek.

In the Media….

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